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From the Desk of:  Martha Giffen

Helena, Alabama

Dear Friends,

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.  Everywhere you turn, on TV, in conversations, and especially online, people are all abuzz about Twitter.  You know you need to incorporate it into your online business plan but just aren’t quite sure how.

I have been Tweeting since 2008.  Consistently.  And with results.

When I first started, I had no idea about the lingo, what tweeting really meant or how it could possibly help draw traffic and ultimately clients to my site.  It seemed like a place to have “fun” chatting with people from all over.

What I began to notice was how quickly I was able to establish a rapport with others.  I also noticed how not everyone was able to do this.  And, I began to notice why. There was definitely an “art” to tweeting and I was able to figure it out!


Imagine if you could. . . . .

  • Find your target market
  • Build relationships which result in paying customers
  • Promote your products to people who are craving them



All of this IS possible and I have created the Tweet With Martha series to show you how it’s done!

I want to share what I know WORKS with you!

Now Listen. . . . .

Did you know that Twitter has well over 2 million Tweeters at any given moment?  That information alone should entice you to get on the bandwagon!

Did you also know that you don’t have to have a bazillion followers to be successful?  Quality over quantity wins every time!  I’ll explain it all to you!


Learn How To. . . . .

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Find people to promote your products
  • Find possible JV partners


Your Business Hinges On Using Social Media!


Whether your business is selling houses or skin care products or digital products, it makes no difference!  You need to be using Twitter for your business.  It’s quick, easy and can produce rapid results.  Isn’t that what we’re looking for??

I’m telling you, to move your business forward, you simply have to be participating in social media!  Maybe you thought it took too much time, was too cumbersome or some other such reason.  The truth is, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that can be the case!


Learning How To Tweet Can Bring Big Profits To Your Biz!


Discover the answers to these. . . .

  • What is a Twitter List and why do I need one?
  • What is a hashtag and how can it produce profits for my biz?
  • When is the BEST TIME to promote a product?

You know as well as I do that social media is here to stay.  You have two choices.  To sit on the sidelines and watch or find the simplest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn it.

Tweet With Martha is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  It’s the secret weapon that will push your biz into the social media stratosphere!


Become familiar with. . .

  • Twitter terminology — You gotta SPEAK the language of your customers!
  • Applications and Tools — Clever ways to INCREASE YOUR SALES!
  • Automation — Let Twitter work for you while you sleep!


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Martha, Wow!  The Tweet With Martha Webinars are full of everything needed to become an "expert" Tweeter!  It was great being able to hear the instructions and actually see on the screen how to implement your strategies.  

I was already using Twitter but learned several unknown tricks to help maximize my time on Twitter.  A "must have" for anyone wanting the Twitter scoop!


Thomas "Trapper" Sherwood; CMH


I love hearing Martha teach. Her easy, conversational way of delivering knowledge makes learning effortless. At the end of the lesson you feel like you've had a nice, pleasent conversation with a friend and then you realize..."Wow! I just learned a ton!"

Martha not only teaches you the nuts and bolts of Twitter, she shows you how to create global conversations around what you want to show the world.


Chuck Pennington - The "Good Energy Guy"


This program is chock full of every single thing that I have learned about Twitter.  The ins and outs and upside downs!

Because of that, it is divided into Three Parts:  Basic, Advanced, and Elite.

We start with the basics and work our way up and out so YOU will be rockin’ and rollin’ with a Twitter focus!


These Sessions are taught by webinar, which means you can hear and SEE EXACTLY what to do!!

They are downloadable so you can listen and watch them any time, any place you want!  You don’t have to be in class at a certain time each week!  Watch whenever YOU have the time!  How cool is THAT?

In the Tweet With Martha program, you’ll receive. . . . .

Part I (the Basics)

  • Getting Started – What is Twitter and why you need it
  • The Language – Twitter has it’s own Lingo, learn how to speak it!
  • The SideBar – How to read and operate your Twitter home page
  • Followers – Why? Who? How?
  • Let’s Tweet! – What to say and how to say it (to help grow your biz)
  • Shortcuts – Don’t they always come in handy?


Are you ready for more?

Once you’ve learned the Basics, you have the foundation to kick it into high gear!  Check this out. . . .


Part II (advanced)

  • Promoting Your Products (yes, there’s a Right way to do it!)
  • Promoting Other’s Products (the Golden Rule)
  • Hash Tags and Hash Tag Parties (Yee-Haw!)
  • All things “Tweet” (includes Tweet Chat, Twello, Twitpic, etc.)
  • How to be an “Expert” in your niche


Build a network while having fun! Learn from a co-producer of a monthly Twitter hashtag party who will show you exactly how it’s done!


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Still want more?  Hold on, it’s coming. . . .

Part III (Elite)

  • Tools, tools, and MORE tools!  There are literally hundreds of Twitter tools and apps. Find out which ones work (and which ones don’t!)
  • What is a “core” network and why you need one (this one tip could make your business explode!)
  • Drive Traffic
  • Finding JV Partners (the art of asking)
  • Automation – Do’s and Don’ts


I thought so!

Having Twitter broken down into three easy-to-understand Sessions takes all the guess-work out of it for you.

After completing Tweet With Martha, you will be Tweeting with the best of ‘em! Hey, you will probably BE one of the best!

Here’s the thing. . . .

Because I feel so strongly that Tweet With Martha will completely change the way you look at your business AND I want to get it into your hands as quickly and easily as possible, the program is being offered at the introductory price of $67.



Are you beginning to see how important I think Tweet With Martha is for your biz?

$67.00 for all three parts!

Have you noticed yet how easy I’m making it for you?

PS - Tweet With Martha will help your biz get going on the social media path that leads to more PROFITS in your pocket!

PPS - Don’t wait while other businesses jump ahead!  Make the decision TODAY to Tweet with Martha and move your biz to the next level!!



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